A New DNA Size-Selection Technology Using Gene Stix™

The ability to recover DNA fragments in high quantity and purity from agarose gel is an important need for researchers in molecular biology laboratories for downstream applications such as testing and sequencing. There are multiple established methods and corresponding commercial products available at researchers’ disposal. Despite the availability of many methods, researchers often face a trade-off decision between fast and simple methods with low yield and poor DNA quality, and time-consuming and expensive methods with higher yields and better purity.

Gene Stix™ (ElectroSep™) is a new system for recovery of DNA/RNA from an electrophoresis gel. Using the power of electrophoresis to separate nucleic acids based on size (a well-known technique), the Gene Stix™, for the first time, allows one to recover nucleic acids directly from the gel. Gene Stix™ consisted of a cationic membrane which is inserted (in front of the nucleic acid of interest) into the electrophoresis gel after the nucleic acids are resolved from other contaminants in a separate step. After the Gene Stix™ is inserted in front of the DNA, the gel is re-run for a short period of time, binding the DNA to the Gene Stix™. The Gene Stix™ is removed from the gel (carrying the DNA) and the DNA is recovered by elution using a special buffer.

Gene Stix™ allows DNA recovery around 85% and leads 35% process efficiency for purification. It maximizes the process efficiency by not requiring damaging UV sensitive dyes in samples or cutting gel bands and allowing multiple Gene Stix used with one sample. Unique serial numbering system provides unambiguous sample identification.

We are excited! No more cutting the gels!

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