Corporate Presentation (PDF)

40 years of Excellence in Separation Sciences

Princeton Separations Scientific LLC (PSS) is a family-owned, manufacturing-based biotechnology company specializing in molecular separations serving the sample prep needs of the genomic and proteomic markets. We develop, manufacture and market DNA purification products widely used in research labs around the world for downstream applications such as sequencing and testing.

Founded in 1984 as Princeton Separations, Inc (PSI) with a mission to provide highest-quality products for the biotechnology market and reborn after Covid-19 as Princeton Separations Scientific LLC we are celebrating our 40th anniversary.

We are located in Princeton Corporate Plaza, a biotech incubator with over 80 companies, near Princeton, New Jersey. Surrounded by like-minded scientist-entrepreneurs and only short few miles from prestigious Princeton University we live and breathe scientific innovation every day!

We manufacture all our products in clean rooms in sterile environment at our 2400 sqf new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and we proudly display “Made in USA” on our products. Each product goes through a rigorous quality assurance process before it is shipped to our customers.


Our Products

Our DNA purification products include Centri-Sep™, Centri-Sep 8™, Centri-Sep 96™, Centri-Spin™ and Electro-Sep™ (Gene Stix™) products. Whether you need a single spin column at a time or higher volume solutions such as 8-strips or 96-well columns our product range would satisfy your research needs.

Centri-Sep™ products are used for dye terminator removal from DNA sequencing reactions based on Sanger procedure. Centri-Sep spin columns provide the most efficient and consistent purification of dye-terminator sequencing reactions. This led to the incorporation of Centri-Sep into the written dye-terminator application protocols of Applied Biosystems, Inc. (now part of Life Technologies, a division of Thermo Fisher).

Centri-Sep 96, a 96-well plate packed with hydrated gel, and Centri-Sep 8, a strip of 8 columns, address the need for high-throughput sequencing clean-up.

Centri-Spin™ products on the other hand offer a variety of exclusion limits and can be used to purify molecular biology reactions ranging from primer desalting to random primer labeling to PCR purification. These versatile spin columns in 3 distinct characteristics, 10, 20 and 40, which provide excellent recovery of DNA fragments of 10, 20 and 40 base pairs respectively while removing >98% of salts, nucleotides, and other low-molecular-weight compounds.

Our newest addition, Electro-Sep™ (Gene Stix™) is a new system for recovery of DNA/RNA from an electrophoresis gel in Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). Using the power of electrophoresis to separate nucleic acids based on size, the Gene Stix™, for the first time allows one to recover nucleic acids directly from the agarose gel. Electro-Sep technology allows DNA recovery at 85% and leads up to 35% process efficiency for purification. It maximizes the process efficiency by not requiring damaging UV sensitive dyes in samples or cutting gel bands and allowing multiple Gene Stix used with one sample. Moreover, its unique serial numbering system provides unambiguous sample identification.

In short, we have the answer for your research needs when it comes to molecular separations!


Our Promise

Our promise is to make you feel our one and only customer. We will strive for your absolute satisfaction. We are aware that longevity of our company depends not only on the high quality of our products but the ultimate experience with us.

We look forward to celebrating our 50th anniversary together!