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Princeton Separations, Inc. (PSI) is a privately-owned, manufacturing-based biotechnology company specializing in molecular separations serving the sample prep needs of the genomic and proteomic markets. PSI manufactures various successful products including: Centri-SepTM, Centri-Sep 8TM, and Centri-Sep-96TM, Centri-SpinTM, PCR•96TM, ProSpinTM, and our protease product line.

Whether you need Centri-SepTM, Centri-Sep 8TM, and Centri-Sep 96TM for dye terminator removal from DNA sequencing reactions; Centri-SpinTM products for cleanup of molecular labeling reactions from nucleic acids, proteins or carbohydrates; PCR·96TM for probe and nucleotide cleanup of PCR reactions; BAC and Big BAC preparation in gene mapping, molecular cytometry and cell imaging; Modified Sequencing Grade Endopeptidases for protein sequencing or Pro·SpinTMproduct line for antibody purification, we have the answer for you when it comes to molecular separations!

PSI maintains GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) conditions in a growing facility in Freehold, New Jersey, where it performs aseptic manufacturing in a state of the art production facility.


Princeton Separations, Inc. (PSI) was formed in 1984 to provide high-quality products for the biotechnology market. PSI developed the Centri-Sep spin column in 1985. Centri-Sep now plays an important role in DNA sequencing based on the Sanger procedure. With the advent of automated DNA sequencing, it was determined that Centri-Sep spin columns provide the most efficient and consistent purification of dye-terminator sequencing reactions. This led to the incorporation of Centri-Sep into the written dye-terminator application protocols of Applied Biosystems, Inc. (now part of Life Technolgies, a division of Thermo Fisher). It also enhanced PSI's reputation as a manufacturer of consistent, reliable products. In 1986 PSI acquired Panagel®, a well-known line of high-resolution electrophoresis products which were produced until 2015.

The success of the Centri-Sep and Panagel product lines stimulated the development of additional products, such as Centri-Spin columns, which were introduced into the biotech market in January 1996. These versatile spin columns, which offer a variety of exclusion limits, can be used to purify molecular biology reactions ranging from primer desalting to random primer labeling to PCR* purification. We met the need for high-throughput sequencing clean-up with the release of Centri-Sep 96, a 96 well plate packed with hydrated gel. Our newest addition to the Centri-Sep line is the Centri-Sep 8 strip. This product, also designed for sequencing clean-up, is a welcome addition for researchers processing less than 96 reactions.

In 1998, Princeton Separations released PCR 96, a kit to accommodate high-throughput purification of PCR reactions. Following the initiative taken by the Human Genome Project, Princeton Separations introduced the PSI Clone BAC DNA Isolation kit. The success of this kit spurred the introduction of the PSI Clone Big BAC DNA kit, a scalable method for isolation of large amounts of BAC.

The Future

PSI's business expansion is predicated upon utilizing its existing, proven technology and GMP-based manufacturing capabilities. PSI is developing novel separation products in support of the Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). The development, manufacture and sale of biotechnology research products will remain PSI's primary focus.

PSI envisions the development of partnerships for new product lines, as well as expansion of its distribution in national and international markets.

Company Philosophy

Princeton Separations' philosophy is two-fold: to produce the highest quality products for our customers, to emphasize design innovation and manufacturing excellence; and to strive for total customer satisfaction.


* Polymerase chain reaction(PCR) is covered by U.S. patents owned by Hoffmann-LaRoche, Inc.

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