Princeton Separations strengthens its distribution network in North America through partnership with AFSBio, Inc.

(Princeton, NJ – Friday, 1/19/2024)

Princeton Separations Scientific LLC (Princeton Separations), a family-owned, manufacturing-based biotechnology company specializing in molecular separations, signed a non-exclusive distribution agreement with AFSBio, Inc, to strengthen its network in North America. AFSBio, Inc. (, a leading distributor of life science equipment and reagents, works with North American researchers, hospitals, and biopharma companies seeking to increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and streamline their workflow in the lab. Princeton Separations’ high quality and innovative products align well with AFSBio, Inc.’s goal to bring researchers products that make processes faster, and that give better results.

Under the agreement, AFSBio, Inc. will list Princeton Separations products on its catalog/website enabling convenient ordering and promote the products in North America using its proprietary technology-enabled targeted approach reaching to relevant researchers directly. Customers will continue to be able purchase products on Princeton Separations online platform directly.