Centri-Sep 96 Well Plates

Made in the USA

Centri-Sep 96-well plates can also be used for the following applications:

  • Purification of fluorescent reaction mixtures
  • Removal of free and labeled dNTP's
  • Purification of nick translation reactions
  • Purification of end-labeling reactions
  • Purification of polymerization reactions
  • Purification, desalting, or buffer exchange of proteins
  • Removal of traces of phenol
  • Removal of excess nucleotides and small primers in PCR reactions
  • Removal of small radioactive precursors

Advantages of Centri-Sep 96 Well Plates:

  • Optimized matrix for Big Dye reactions
  • Hydrated, ready-to-use 96 well format
  • Gels may be read from the first base
  • Lower cost per base than ethanol precipitation
  • High, uniform signal intensity provides long reads
  • Precision filled and consistant bed height allows accurate robotic sample application

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