Centri-Spin 40

Made in the USA

Centri-Spin 40 spin columns are used for:

  • electroporation nick translation binding applications
  • FISH transfection probe labeling gene products
  • signal transduction differential display
  • antibody labeling transformation studies
  • protein labeling receptor analysis
  • solid phase array desalting

Centri-Spin 40 spin columns are used for the fast and efficient purification of larger molecules (proteins, nucleic acids, complex carbohydrates, etc.), from small molecules (nucleotides, buffer salts, etc.)

Centri-Spin 40 gel will retain up to 80 % of short oligonucleotides (< 25-mer) while providing excellent recovery of up to 70 % of large DNA fragments with sizes greater than 135 base pairs. Proteins, peptides, and protein conjugates > 100 kD can also be efficiently separated from unwanted lower molecular-weight impurities.

The column design is based on the description of gel filtration for the purification of DNA from nick translation reactions by Sambrook, et.al. 1 Each Centri-Spin 40 unit consists of a specially fritted microfuge tube, dry gel, a wash tube and a sample collection tube, all specifically designed for this purpose.

The column gel is hydrated with either reagent-grade water or a suitable buffer, and spun in a microcentrifuge or swinging-bucket Centrifuge to remove the intersititial fluid. After your sample is applied, the column is spun again to remove the low-molecular-weight components, leaving you not only with a purified sample, but one exchanged into the buffer of your choice.

Centri-Spin 40 columns also can be used for the following applications:

  • Centri-Spin 40 columns have been designed specifically for the following applications:
  • Removal of primers or primer-dimers from PCR extension products > 150 base pairs
  • Desalting and purification of proteins > 100 kD
  • Removal of the following impurities from solution:
  1. transferrin
  2. BSA
  3. hemoglobin
  4. albumin

Advantages of Centri-Spin 40:

  • Processed faster than ultrafiltration columns
  • Rapid and efficient separations
  • Buffer is not preselected
  • Convenient 20–50 µL sample size
  • Dry gel format
  • Room Temperature Storage
  • Microcentrifuge format

Benefits of Centri-Spin 40:

  • Reliable and consistent
  • Time-saving and convenient
  • Enhanced stability
  • Extended shelf-life
  • No special equipment required
  • Extremely versatile

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