Centri-Sep Spin Columns

Made in the USA

Centri-Sep columns are used for the fast and efficient purification of large molecules (proteins, nucleic acids, complex carbohydrates, etc.), from small molecules (nucleotides, buffer salts, etc.)

The column design is based on the description of gel filtration for the purification of DNA from nick translation reactions by Sambrook, et.al. Each Centri-Sep unit consists of a specially fritted microfuge tube, dry gel, a wash tube and a sample collection tube, all specifically designed for this purpose.

The Centri-Sep gel will provide excellent recovery of DNA fragments with sizes greater than 16 base pairs or 25-mer, while removing > 98 % of salts, NTP's and other unwanted low- molecular- weight impurities.

The column gel is hydrated with either reagent-grade water or a suitable buffer or your choice, and spun in a microcentrifuge or swinging-bucket centrifuge to remove the intersititial fluid. Your sample is then applied to the column and spun again, leaving you not only with a sample purified through removal of low- molecular- weight components, but also exchanged into the buffer of your choice.

Centri-Sep Columns can also be used for the following applications:

  • Removal of excess DyeDeoxy™ terminators
  • Removal of excess BigDye™ terminators
  • Removal of more than 98% of salts and unwanted low-molecular-weight impurities
  • Purification of fluorescent reaction mixtures
  • Removal of free and labeled dNTP's from DNA or RNA, as inon:
  1. nick translation
  2. end-labeling reactions
  3. polymerization reaction
  • Removal of traces of phenol or exchange of buffer salts
  • Purification and desalting of proteins
  • Removal of excess nucleotides and small primers in PCR reactions
  • Removal of radioactive precursors
  • Desalting and buffer exchange
  • These columns are far superior – easy to use, quick protocol, non-toxicity – than phenol/chloroform extraction or ethanol precipitation.

Advantages of Centri-Sep spin column:

  • Processed faster than ultrafiltration columns
  • Rapid and efficient separations
  • Buffer is not preselected
  • Convenient 20-100 µL sample size
  • Dry gel format
  • Room Temperature Storage
  • Microcentrifuge format

Benefits of Centri-Sep spin column:

  • Reliable and consistent
  • Time-saving and convenient
  • Enhanced stability
  • Extended shelf-life
  • No special equipment
  • Extremely versatile.

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