Use of CENTRI-SEP 96 filter plates for cleanup of Dye Terminator Sequencing Reactions


CENTRI-SEP 96 multi-well plates are an excellent solution to the difficulties encountered in removal of excess dye labeled terminators from dye terminator reactions. The hydrated matrix in these plates has been optimized for use with Big Dye reactions. When properly used, CENTRI-SEP 96 plates will yield sequencing reactions equivalent in cleanliness to single CENTRI-SEP spin columns. Gel images obtained using reactions prepared with CENTRI-SEP 96 plates will be free of interfering smears, blobs, and gel haze caused by the presence of excess dyes. Sequences may be read from the first base and longer read lengths may be obtained due to reduced background. These improved reads result in a lower cost per base than less effective precipitation methods.

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