Pro-Spin Kit


Pro-Spin is a new kit for the removal of dyes, haptens, chromagens and salts from labeled IgG antibody. The product can be used for salt removal and buffer exchange or the general cleanup of proteins.

Each purification unit consists of a special fritted chamber containing the separation matrix, a collection tube and wash tube. Recoveries of greater than 90% labeled antibody can be expected using up to 100 microliters of sample. IgG cleanup requires only 2 two-minute centrifugation steps using a microcentrifuge. The kit comes in a convenient 50 pack. Each package contains 50 Pro-Spin columns, 50 wash tubes, 50 collection tubes and a detailed protocol. The product is stable indefinitely at room temperature.

Applications of Pro-Spin:

  • Removal of fluorescent dyes, haptens or chromagens
  • Buffer Exchange
  • Salt Removal

Features and Benefits of Pro-Spin:


  • Removal of dyes, haptens or chromagens
  • Time-saving and convenient


  • Greater than 90% protein recovery
  • Small sample volume


  • Requires only a microcentrifuge
  • Extended shelf-life


  • Only 2 x 2 minute centrifugation steps


  • Consistent protein recoveries


  • Room temperature storage


  • Indefinite shelf life with no harmful preservatives

Price and Ordering Information:

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