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ElectroSep products are designed to recover DNA from Agarose gel. DNA (nucleic acid) is first separated by size in an agarose gel, then bound to a Gene Stix membrane in the gel. Gene Stix are removed from the gel and then the DNA is eluted off the Gene Stix into a collection tube.

WATCH: ElectroSep: a New Method of DNA Recovery from an Agarose Gel

WATCH: How to Use ElectroSep (DNA Recovery from an Agarose Gel)

ElectroSep (Gene Stix) Detail Sheet 1

ElectroSep (Gene Stix) Detail Sheet 2



ElectroSep DNA Recovery Kit

Package Size

ES-100-S: 2 Gene Stix

ES-100: 10 Gene Stix

ES-102: 50 Gene Stix

ElectroSep Binding Buffer Conc.

Package Size

ES-302: for 5 L working

ES-303: for 5 X 5 L working

ElectroSep Elution Buffer Conc.

Package Size

ES-401: 16.5 mL

ES-406: 16.5 mL w 0.1% Tween



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