PCR 96 Well Kit


This PSIΨClone PCR 96 Kit is designed to provide the researcher with a rapid method for processing PCR reaction products in a convenient 96 well format. Protocols are provided for vacuum or centrifugation applications. Both protocols are fast and result in high yield, high purity DNA which is suitable for use in molecular biology procedures.

DNA fragments (ranging from 100 bp to 10 kb) from PCR reactions bind to the membrane in the plate supplied with the kit. Subsequent wash steps remove residual primers, nucleotides, enzymes, and salts. Following wash steps, DNA is eluted in a low salt buffer at high concentration and is suitable for further molecular operations without additional processing.

Residual primers, nucleotides, enzymes and salts in PCR amplification reaction products may interfere with molecular operations (e.g. cloning, sequencing etc.). The PSIΨClone PCR 96 kit efficiently removes these residual reactants using a convenient 96 well format. The purified amplicons are ready for direct sequencing or subcloning.

Kit Components and Preparation:

  • PCR 96 Filter Plate: The plate is supplied ready to use.
  • Binding Buffer: This solution is subject to crystallization at temperatures below 22°C. If crystals form, warm the buffer to 50°C to dissolve.
  • Wash Buffer: Provided as a concentrate, the Wash Buffer requires dilution with ethanol to a final ethanol concentration of 75-80%. See specific instructions in Protocol sections.
  • Elution Buffer: Use as provided.
  • Collection Plate: The plate provided has been selected to minimize cross-talk between wells when using the vacuum protocol (alternate plates may be substituted).

The PSIΨClone PCR 96 DNA purification kit provides sufficient materials to perform 96 separate DNA isolations per plate from standard PCR reactions.


Failure to follow the protocol at the wash step may result in low recovery of fragments.

  1. Check that ethanol was added to the Wash Buffer (#2).
  2. Be certain to remove excess droplets of Wash Buffer from the bottom of the plate following the wash steps.
  3. Thoroughly dry the plates before adding the Elution Buffer.

Additional materials required but not supplied:

  • Either 95% ethanol or absolute ethanol.
  • Vacuum source or suitable centrifuge.
  • Waste microwell plate for centrifugation protocol

Price and Ordering information:

1 x 96 Well Plate & Reagents - Product No: PC-500
4 x 96 Well Plate & Reagents - Product No: PC-501

50 x 96 Well Plate & Reagents - Product No: PC-502 - Please note collection plates are not provided with this kit.

Price: $0.00

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