Modified Proteinases

Modified Proteinases

Princeton Separations Sequencing Grade endopeptidases are highly purified enzymes that are modified chemically to reduce autolysis and increase enzyme stability. Use of modified enzymes results in greater control of protein fragmentation reactions due to consistent enzyme activity over long digestion periods.

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Soluble Enzymes:

Trypsin (Porcine)

Package Size:

EN-151; 5 x 20 µg vials

Pepsin (Porcine)

Package Size:

EN-180; 5 x 20 µg vials

Immobilized Enzymes:

Immobilized Pepsin (Porcine)

Package Size:

EN--181; 1 x 200 µg vial

Immobilized Chymotrypsin (Bovine)                   
Package Size:
EN-261; 1 x 200 µl vial


Immobilized Chymotrypsin (Bovine)EN-261
Immobilized Pepsin (Porcine)EN-181
Pepsin (Porcine)EN-180
Trypsin (Porcine)EN-151

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