DNA Sequencing / Centri-Sep

DNA Sequencing / Centri-Sep

Centri-Sep products provide for the effective and reliable removal of excess unincorporated dideoxy terminators from completed DNA sequencing reactions.

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CENTRI • SEP 8 Well Strips
Package Size
CS-912: Box of 12
CENTRI • SEP 96 Well Plates
Package Size

CS-961: Box of 2 plates with 2 PCR Collection Plates

CS-965: Box of 50 plates
CENTRI • SEP Spin Columns
Package Size

CS-900: 32 Column Kit

CS-901: 100 Column Kit


CENTRI-SEP 96 Well Starter KitCS-962
CENTRI-SEP 8 Well StripsCS-912
CENTRI-SEP 96 Well PlatesCS-961
CENTRI-SEP Spin Columns CS-901

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